Professional Experience

Catalyst (CMA Odyssey):

(BPM Architect)

Catalyst is a call center based application that is created for the Covance Market Access (CMA) organization. The business is structured around helping patients and providers access therapy, and help them continue using the therapy. CMA currently operates under a legacy Seibel application that is difficult and expensive to maintain and upgrade. The Catalyst application is built on Pega technologies using the Customer Process Manager for Healthcare (CPMHC) framework. Among other integration points Catalyst also extensively employs Pega Case Management and integrates with PegaCall for CTI integration. The application is designed as a Core offering that can be used to offer a set of core services to various customers that will offer their products (drugs) via CMA. Catalyst went live with it’s first client (Merz) in April’16. My main responsibilities on the project were

  • Review and approve overall application architecture
  • Review and approve development approach
  • Review and approve data migration activities
  • Helped infrastructure team in setting up application server environments
  • Participate and facilitate application team during Elaboration sessions
  • Perform code reviews and assist team with complex problem solving
  • Oversea and assist team with Performance Testing and optimization of the application
  • Help team in resolving logistical issues around access and setup
  • Design and develop application pieces that do not fall under vendor application team’s SOW
  1. Ported and integrated LDAP integration services into Pega
  2. Configured SAML services for integration with SSO Authentication
  3. Design and built requested newly requested Reports, Features etc.
  4. Redesigned and built the Locate Case SR in it’s entirety – Manage and maintain the application (Prod Support activities)
  5. Triage identified application issues with process team
  6. Organize and Prioritize application defects and enhancements into Sprint
  7. Help trouble shoot and analyze defects and enhancement request
  8. Oversea Pega SRs raised due to identified issues that were due to Pega product issues
  9. Assist application team with solution approach for fixing identified issues
  10. Created various Pega utilities to perform required application maintenance activities
  11. Put a process in place for implementing and executing one time activities (OTAs) in production to fix issues in live cases in the system.
  12. Put a process in place for performing daily health checks on the application to increase stability
  • Involved in setting up the road map and approach for Pega upgrade to 7.2.2
  • Worked closely with OBIEE team to setup BIX extracts and feed application data into EDW
  • Catalyst is built on Pega 7.1.8 using CPMHC, PegaCALL and Pega Case Management frameworks, JBoss, Oracle 11g

STAR (Drug Saftey)

(BPM Architect)

The STAR application is built in Pega using Pega Life Sciences frameworks. It is used to manage and track the history of various drugs and maintain data around studies for various clinical trials and capture various events that may occur during the course of the clinical trials. I’ve been involved in performance tuning the application as well as helping the application team improve the application design and clean code created over the years using inefficient coding practices. I’ve also been involved in performing in depth analysis of application code and recommending better approaches for implementing various application features. STAR is built on Pega 6.3 using Pega Life Sciences and Pega Case Management frameworks, tomcat, Oracle 11g.