Personal & Academic Project

JavaMAX (Final Year Research Project)

JavaMAX is a subset of the JVM/JRE optimized to the Intel MMX processor. Built in Visual C++ 5.0, with a team size of 5.

Cypher Phone (Research Project)

Cypher Phone is a platform independent phone that encrypts, compresses and transmits live voice data over the network and performs the reverse on the receiving side. Built in Borland Builder for C++, with a team size of 2. Awarded 4th prize in SofTEC’98 (All Pakistan software competition)

Multitasking Kernel (Research Project)

Designed and implemented a multitasking kernel for the DOS environment. The Kernel can load and run up to four different programs selected at run time using both time-slicing and pre-emptive multi-tasking algorithms. Written in Assembly Language and C++ for DOS.